Shandong State Investment Corporation Holds a Special Rectification and Mobilization Deployment Meeting on the Problem of "Relying on Enterprises to Eat Enterprises"

Release Time:2023-04-21 Views:1677 times

On April 21st, Shandong State Investment Corporation held a special mobilization and deployment meeting on the issue of "relying on enterprises to eat enterprises". Comrade Liu Guanming, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and Commissioner of Supervision, attended the meeting and delivered a mobilization and deployment speech.

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the mobilization and deployment meeting for the special rectification of the problem of "relying on enterprises to eat enterprises" in provincial-level state-owned enterprises, reported typical cases of disciplinary and illegal activities in provincial-level state-owned enterprises "relying on enterprises to eat enterprises", and watched the warning education film "Cleaning up the borers of state-owned enterprises".

The meeting pointed out that state-owned enterprises are the leading force of the national economy and an important pillar of the socialist market economy, shouldering the important mission of promoting high-quality economic and social development. Carrying out the special rectification of the issue of "relying on enterprises to eat enterprises" is a concrete action to resolutely achieve the "two safeguards", an inevitable requirement for deepening the comprehensive and strict governance of the party, and a powerful measure to ensure the high-quality development of the company through service.

The meeting emphasized that the special rectification of the issue of "relying on enterprises to eat enterprises" should be carried out, and political deviation should be corrected in a timely manner by adhering to political perspective, political investigation, and political reform. We need to focus on 10 key issues in the field of engineering construction, including rent-seeking, illegal bidding and tendering, asset and resource trading and material purchase and sales that harm the public and profit the private, illegal related party transactions in the investment and operation field, and significant losses to state-owned assets caused by illegal investment decisions. We need to focus on key issues, keep a close eye on key individuals, strike with iron fists, and carry out targeted rectification. We must carry forward the spirit of struggle, dare to take action and confront hard, resolutely eliminate corrupt elements who embezzle state-owned assets, and release a strong signal of zero tolerance for anti-corruption in state-owned enterprises. We need to focus on managing and controlling power, improve the supervision system, deepen the use of cases to promote governance, strengthen education and guidance, promote a culture of corporate integrity, promote governance at the source, and prevent problems before they occur.

The meeting emphasized that in order to address the issue of "relying on enterprises to eat enterprises", it is necessary to effectively strengthen organizational leadership, achieve the integration of main responsibility and supervisory responsibility, and do a good job of "combination boxing" to form a "big governance" pattern. We must strictly enforce discipline and work style, and ensure that outstanding problems discovered through centralized rectification are not overlooked until problems are identified, causes are not clarified, and responsibilities are not implemented.

The party organization secretary of the company's affiliated unit, the head of the disciplinary inspection agency of the affiliated unit, the heads of various departments of the company headquarters, and all personnel of the Discipline Inspection Commission (Supervision Commissioner Office) headquarters of Shandong State Investment Corporation attended the meeting.