Speech of the President

Shandong State-owned Assets Investment is the state-owned key enterprise of Shandong provincial management. It is the only state-owned capital operation company in Shandong Province. It is responsible for implementing the strategic intention of Shandong provincial party committee and provincial government and guiding the economic innovation and development of the province.


Since the establishment, Shandong State-owned Assets Investment has been adhering to market-oriented operation, adhering to reform and innovation, and actively exploring the development path under the management system of "provincial SASAC - state-owned capital operation company-entity enterprises", and constantly enriching the capital management idea with “flying kite” as the core. It has constructed the business mode of "equity investment-equity management-equity operation" business model and explored to form the commercial mode with capital operation as the core, with financial operations, asset management as the support and with industrial operations as the basis and with intelligent operation as the drive. It gives full play to the "investment and financing, capital operation, asset management of major industrial projects", promotes the orderly flow of state-owned capital and realizes state-owned capital preservation and appreciation. As of 2016, the company has developed into a large-scale investment holding company with asset size exceeding 50 billion yuan and net assets of 20 billion yuan. It plays an increasingly important role in promoting the development of Shandong national economy and optimizing the structure of state-owned economy.


The initiative of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises has been opened. Only reformers and innovators can be strong and only the reform innovators can win. Shandong State-owned Assets Investment, born out of reform and prospering out of innovation will continue to perseveringly adhere to the marketization development road, further highlight the business lines of boosting the regional development of “two districts, one circle and one belt, helping with the financial system construction of the province and helping boost the transformation and upgrade of state-owned reform”. It will further perfect the control mode with capital as the bond, accord with laws, be honesty and ambitious, so as to try to construct Shandong State-owned Assets Investment into a domestically leading and internationally influential state-owned capital operation company.


Looking to the future, there is still a long journey. The open Shandong State-owned Assets Investment hopes to work with you to create a better future, share responsibility and gain wealth.