Corporate Culture

1. Company prospect: Becoming a domestically leading and internationally influential state-owned capital operating company

2. Company tenet: Satisfy the investors, employees, cooperators and the society

3. Company mission: The capital boosts industry upgrading,the operation drives value creating

4. Core values: Benevolence and Law-abiding

     Benevolence: manage the enterprise with morals and love;

     Law-abiding: stick to law-based government.

5.  Enterprise spirit: Take responsible for state-owned assets,and remain mobilized for brand new endeavors

     Take responsible for state-owned assets: keep in mind that the company belongs to the country, have strong sense of liability and responsibility of state-owned assets and fully implement the economic, political and social liability of the state-owned enterprises.

     Remain mobilized for brand new endeavors: advocate the spirit of ambitious, down-to-earth and initiative.  

 6.  Management idea:Be prepared for risks in the trend of grwoth; and steady steps secure sustainable strength