Dezhou Bank vigorously promotes cross-border RMB business

Release Time:2023-08-14 Views:1108 times

A pesticide export company in Texas mainly sells its products to countries such as Pakistan and the Philippines. In the past, it mainly used foreign exchange settlement, which poses exchange rate risks and unstable trade profits. Since 2023, in order to support the stable development of cross-border enterprises, Bank of Texas has actively promoted the advantages of cross-border RMB settlement, guiding enterprises to use local currency settlement and purchase export credit insurance. At present, Bank of Texas has processed cross-border RMB settlement of 30.39 million yuan for the pesticide export company, and has supported the enterprise's financing through credit insurance policies, alleviating the company's liquidity pressure.

In the first half of the year, Dezhou Bank's cross-border RMB settlement business achieved rapid growth, with 13 new cross-border RMB initial accounts added and a total of 694 million yuan of cross-border RMB settlement business processed, 20 percentage points higher than the same period last year. The proportion of cross-border RMB settlement to international balance of payments was 10 percentage points higher than the average level in Dezhou City.



Dezhou Bank has established a "Cross border RMB Business" leadership group led by the president and vice president in charge, to improve the business development mechanism from three aspects: organizational leadership, assessment and evaluation, and tracking supervision. In terms of key work measures, the first is to optimize internal assessment incentives, and include the completion of cross-border RMB settlement volume and the expansion of "first time households" in the performance evaluation indicators of institutional performance and evaluation. The second is to carry out cross-border RMB settlement improvement actions, develop special plans, allocate sufficient special incentives, effectively stimulate the marketing enthusiasm of customer managers, and promote a work atmosphere of "catching up with students". The third is to do a good job in marketing the list of key customers, ensuring that "connecting with one company, influencing one area, and achieving success in a batch", and effectively improving the coverage of cross-border settlement customers. At present, more than 30 companies have been visited on site to promote policy advantages and convenience measures one-on-one and face-to-face with company leaders and financial personnel. The fourth is to increase publicity efforts through WeChat, websites, and media, using short videos, posters, H5, and other forms to showcase the advantages of cross-border RMB business, effectively enhancing the awareness of enterprises towards cross-border RMB settlement.

Next, Dezhou Bank will continue to leverage the advantages of flexible local legal entity mechanisms and short decision-making chains, continuously enrich and expand the usage scenarios of cross-border RMB, actively create service characteristics, and provide high-quality and efficient cross-border financial services for foreign trade enterprises.