Employees of Zhonglu Ocean Shipping Company were selected as excellent team members by the "Four Entries" Work Team stationed in Dongying City by the province

Release Time:2023-05-09 Views:1599 times

Recently, the "Four Entries" work team dispatched by the province to Kenli District, Dongying City sent a happy report to Zhonglu Ocean Shipping Company. Employee Sun Zhonghai was awarded the title of excellent team member in the March team assessment of the temporary party branch of the team.

Comrade Sun Zhonghai was selected by the organization to serve and develop the Second Group and Comprehensive Group of the "Four Entries" Work Detachment stationed in Kenli District, Dongying City, Guangdong Province, responsible for party building, publicity, and other related work. During the work period, I completed the study and summary of the eighth and ninth batch of party building theories, the suggestions and decisions of party branch meetings and various work meetings, and the summary and submission of the promotion and implementation of preferential policies for enterprises. I organized my team members to publish multiple articles on the "Four Entries" dynamic journal in Dongying City, making positive contributions to the "Four Entries" working group.

In recent years, Zhonglu Ocean Shipping Company has emerged with a large number of advanced collectives and individuals who are dedicated to their work and strive for excellence, making important contributions to the company's development. In the future work, the company will always adhere to innovation and win-win situation, while promoting the high-quality development of various undertakings of the company, actively building a broad stage for employees to grow and become talents, work and start businesses, and realize value, inspiring cadres and employees to be dedicated, innovative, responsible, and enterprising, continuously contributing wisdom and strength to promote the high-quality development of various undertakings of the company.